Sometimes a house just looks very old and tired. The paint on the walls looked dingy and the almond color outlets were old, filthy and well, almond. We are not fans of off-white or almond colors in our rentals. We prefer bright white to give it a clean appearance and contrast with grey paint. The wood floors were also dated and worn out. In all of the properties we work on, we know there comes a time when an interior is begging to be made new again, which is exactly what we offer with all of our properties!

With the exterior we spruced it up by painting the entry door a dark blue called Mid-night hour, and replaced the porch light with a simple, modern, style. Also, the new interior curtains helped to clean up the appearance from the outside!

Throughout the entire house, we painted the off-white walls to a fresh grey (our go to color!), and we gave the baseboards a fresh coat of bright white! We replaced the old tile at the entryway with a dark vinyl durable tile. When the tenant moved out, he took his curtains and curtain rod with him. We needed to add those back in to give the room a complete look. The curtains also match the new front exterior door color! We also took this opportunity to change out all of the old lighting fixtures and replaced them with LED lights. If we decided to keep the existing fixtures, we replaced the bulbs and installed LED bulbs. The flooring was also cleaned and layers of poly was put on to give the wood floors their shine back!

One thing that we focus on is flooring. If the floors can be refinished or given a couple coats of polyurethane to revitalize the look of the floors we want to take advantage of that opportunity! If we’re looking at either replacing carpet or laying new floors, most of the time we’ll opt to install new vinyl floors. Usually these projects can be completed on a weekend. In this case, we were lucky enough to already have hardwood floors!

In the kitchen we replaced the old faucet with a new stainless steel faucet. A small 30 minute project that gave us great results. The oven was very dated and needed to be replaced. We put in a new one with a white oven hood. Keeping the black one wouldn’t have matched well with the other white appliances. We freshened up the old cabinets by giving them a new coat of polyurethane and new hardware. The poly brings back the sheen on the cabinets and makes them look a lot better! One other item on our list was to replace the old, rusty, leaking washer hookups. We had a plumber come in to install a new hookup box on the same service call he rebuilt the toilet. Both are things that we could have accomplished on our own, but having these done while we were both at work was one less thing we had to tackle!

One other project that has HUGE impact is the walls! If there are holes in the walls or old patches that weren’t done correctly, we’ll take the time to fix them. Once we have the walls in good order we take on the task of painting them. We use a standard color, Elemental by Pittsburgh Paints that we get at Menards. We also pay attention to the door and window frames and the baseboards, giving them a fresh coat of bright white paint! In the master bedroom, we also had to take the time out to flake off ceiling paint, re-texture, and paint the ceilings. Everything in a house needs painted!!! Once we had the walls painted we installed new blinds, doorstops, switch covers and outlet covers.

The bathroom needed a little attention as well. We cut out all of the old caulk around the tub and shower and add new. We painted the walls, baseboards and door-frame. The fan cover was hanging, so Danny fixed the wire that holds it in place and reinstalled it. The medicine cabinet also needed a fresh coat of poly and we added new hardware to the cabinets. We replaced the old bulbs in the lighting fixture with new LED bulbs. A nice clean white shower curtain and new bathroom fixtures finished out this bathroom reset.

All in we spent almost every night and weekend doing this project and completed it in about 5 weeks!

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