Our Second Rental Purchase

In December of 2017 we found and purchased our second rental property. Once again we are starting a rehab in the middle of winter! Great timing, I know. We learned a lot of lessons with this property because it was much more of an extensive rehab than our first from Emison (refer back to post from August 6th, 2020).

We knew we were going to have to replace the flooring. There was wall paper hanging off of the walls. We had one wall that needed a new skim coat applied that had a piece of plastic paneling over the crumbling plaster. This was the first property that needed a complete kitchen and bathroom remodel! We had plumbing issues that needed to be addressed and re-run. A bug problem that had to be taken care of by hiring an exterminator. Painting to do. Outdated lighting and electrical outlets to update.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Please keep in mind that during this time we had no intentions of creating a blog to share our experiences, so the photo quality of our “befores” are poor. Try to overlook those, if you can, and enjoy the stories along the way!

And of course, we failed to get the heat turned on before closing, so Danny and I were bundled up to work over there!

The first thing we had to tackle was to tear out the flooring. The stains were gross and the smell of urine (and other things) was overwhelming. Once we pulled the old carpet up we realized that the entire house had been tiled at one point. Danny took the time to pop all of the tiles up and get the concrete floor ready for carpet.

Here you can see, we have some huge patch work since there were these very long wooden shelves that were installed with large metal dowels. The curtains were one of the first things to get rid of and we began to pull up the stained 1970’s carpet.

Stay tuned to see the progress as it unfolds! It’s a big transformation.

Thanks so much for following along and be sure to subscribe to our blog for the newest posts released!

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