Meet the Authors

A little over 6 years ago we decided to down size and move closer to the in-laws in a small, rural, Southern Indiana town. The plan was she would stop working full time so she could finish her Masters in psychology and complete her internship at the same time, as well as, becoming a Certified Life Coach through Larks Song Academy. I would grab the first job I could and work full time for a year. Luckily, the housing market was so cheap here, it allowed for this to happen! Once she finished up schooling and got her foot in the door at her new job, we thought, “now what?” Our mortgage was a whopping $350 a month and for the first time ever, we had time on our hands. School was finally complete for her after years of going. Kids were grown and off on their own.

We had started the renovations on our house at Sunset and began listening to all the podcasts and books on Audible as we could regarding real estate!

To list a few, Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad & The Cash Flow Quadrant, Tim Ferris Four Hour Work Week, Bigger Pockets podcast, and Paula Pant’s Afford Anything.

Some other side notes “about us”: we both work full time in non profit, myself in the healthcare industry and Zella in social service. We currently have 5 cats, 2 dogs, all rescue! IF it were up to Zella, we may have a lot more. She’s quite an advocate for animal welfare and loves anything with fur or feathers! Aside from that, I love working on small projects around the house or just building anything with my own 2 hands. We love traveling, but don’t get to do a lot of that currently. When we do, it’s usually to the Tennessee Mountains, staying in a cabin, in the woods. Maybe one day that’s where we’ll get to “retire.”

Pardon some of the “gritty” non-professional images along the way. When we first started 4 years ago, we had no intentions to share our journey from then. From here moving forward we will be improving our processes of images, videos, in the near future YouTube, but when sharing the homes we’ve already completed, it may be the great I-phone when sharing:)

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