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Q&A session about real estate with Danny and I. You can pick our brains, asking for suggestions or advice about just getting started with real estate on items such as how we got started in real estate, what’s worked/what hasn’t, rehabbing homes, purchasing homes, and more!

Sessions will be either via Zoom or through Google Hangout. Q&A Sessions are $60 for 1 hour.

Zella’s providing individual life coaching sessions, focusing in real estate and overall improvement of life. She is a certified life coach through the Lark Song Academy. Find out more about the academy by visiting Life Coaching will help you to stay focused on your goals, hold you accountable through the process, and encourage you to take the first steps in investing in real estate by moving the “excuses” out of your way.

3 Sessions with Discovery $350 / 6 Sessions with Discovery $600

Sessions are conducted via phone from anywhere in the world, from the convenience of your home.

Some contracting services offered for small business or home repairs (i.e. small bathroom and kitchen remodels, painting and caulking, drywall, tile work, backsplash, door installation, and more)

Email us at for estimates and pricing information!

Payments can be made via PayPal link:

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