Renovations can be actually, very monotonous. It’s the same processes over and over again, especially when you do most of the work yourself!

Danny worked on laying down new vinyl flooring at the entry way. The tile that was previously installed was too thick and was obstructing the door from opening correctly. He pulled up the old tile, and the plan WAS to put some new tile down (that we already had laying around!) BUT it wouldn’t work. Laying tile by the front door wouldn’t work because it would have sat too high and block the door from opening like it should. We needed an option that is thinner. We decided to lay a floating vinyl floor so we chose a tile that was easy to install and waterproof.

We’re still very much working on PAINTING, caulking, changing outlets/switches/plate covers! Trying to turn a unit in a short amount of time while we are still working 40 hour day jobs can be a daunting task (and an hour drive each way!), but we always work together to get things done. These small tasks I usually handle so Danny can handle the larger jobs!

One of the bedrooms had some bad spots on the ceiling where the textured layer was cracking and flaking. Danny chipped the lose stuff off and put a skim coat of mud over the spots that needed patching. He had never had to try to match existing texture on a ceiling before so it was necessary to try to learn how to do this quickly. YouTube always comes in handy in these situations. He watched this video which really helped understand the process.

Replacing just a fixture can make a world of difference! We would typically replace the counters and sink as well, but in this case, we’ve decided to leave them (for the sake of time and money). You have to be careful to not dump too much into a property. Know it’s value and know when to stop. If you can’t make it back in your return, leave it.

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  1. So glad you are able to work on these projects together! Such good information for the new home owner projects.


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