As mentioned last week, we plan (and are doing) a quick, low cost “renovation” to spruce up a vacant rental!

Danny started the kitchen refresh by cleaning the cabinets thoroughly before applying Varathane polyurethane from Menards. Adding a coat of polyurethane gives the cabinets a nice shine when you want to salvage what you already have. He had to take off the hinges so he could get a coat of poly on the doors as well. To finish out this project he installed brushed nickel knobs to give it a final touch!

Next, he wanted to change out all of the switches, outlets, and face plates. Not sure if we mentioned this last week, BUT something that will help your place look freshened up is changing these out! He also wanted to change the old off white outlets and switches because they didn’t match the gray walls and white trim. We already had most of the outlets and switches we would need in our supply from previous renovations, so there wasn’t much expense added, making it worth making the change!

My job is ALWAYS the painter! No, I do not enjoy it and don’t find it to be a super fun activity! However; hiring professional painters is not in our budget and can cost $1,000’s! We’ve saved so much money by painting and doing the majority of work ourselves. So…I will do the majority of all of the painting for this rental just like I always do! I do not use painters tape, plastic, or any drop cloth. I do all of my cut-in free hand and if I drip, I just wipe it up quickly! The paint we are using is Pittsburgh Ultra. The color we generally use from Menards is Elemental. I managed to finished both bedrooms over the weekend!

Stay tuned for the finished product!

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