The kitchen, like everything else in the house needed a complete overhaul! We had to first gut everything and start from scratch.

We had an electrician move the light switch that was above the refrigerator next to the dining window (as it should be when you walk into a room). They also put in new lighting to give things a modern flare. We always use daylight bulbs to make things as bright as possible! Danny laid new ProCore vinyl flooring in the kitchen and throughout the house.

Danny installed Cardell Concepts Cabinets from Menards and had to add new drywall from where the paneling and old door used to be. At some point, it had been converted from a back door to a window, but it still appeared as if the door outline was there.

To give the kitchen a pop of design and color, we added simple ceramic Mohawk 12X12 tiles. This helped tie in the black countertops with the white cabinets all together. We’d always recommend tiling in rentals. It doesn’t take too long or cost too much, and well worth the efforts.

After the tile is set and dry, we add grout with a float, then use a wet sponge to wipe up any of the access amounts left behind.

Finishing touches are so important! We always apply caulk and fresh paint to ALL surfaces! After the flooring and cabinets were in, Danny added the baseboards, as I finished caulking and painting the window frames.

Thank you to everyone is following along and who have subscribed to our blog! We appreciate your support!!


  1. Very good, when do you think it is done? We want to get a tour.

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    • Thank you! We are finished and this rental now has a tenant in place:) We are wrapping the posts up with “before and afters” of each area we worked on! The tour can only come through from our blog journey! Thanks for following!


  2. Nice Job! Both of you are so professional and do wonderful updates. Keep it up!


  3. I love the tiles you picked out. Your blood , sweat and tears have been made into a beautiful home. Keep them coming. Lots of Luck in 2021 may your next project be just as successful.


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