The first “surprise” we ran into was found while we were still taking down molding and getting ready to patch walls. I noticed that one of the walls was very soft to the touch. I immediately called Danny in the room so he could take a look.

We knew we’d have to patch walls, paint, rip out the carpet, fix the closets, add baseboards, but we weren’t expecting to have water damage behind the walls, but with a soft wall we knew we were going to have to replace this drywall. Danny had to take out the old drywall so he could replace it with new. When he took the old drywall out he got an “extra” little surprise when he found crawling, white bugs and mud tubes everywhere.

They were TERMITES!! We immediately cut down the brush that was growing in the fence line to reduce the “food source” and called an exterminator out the next day.

We then replaced a few 2×4’s in the wall, added new insulation, replaced the drywall, finished with mud and lastly, painted the walls.

The paneling over the closet doors had to be fixed. We pulled the paneling off and took out the 1×4 frame that it was put in with. We replaced the frame with 2×4’s and covered with drywall. This really helped make the closets look like they should.

We finished the closet out with a set of bi-fold doors and two simple door knobs

We installed ProCore Legacy Oak Vinyl Flooring from Lowes, baseboards, window frames, blinds, closet doors, and floor registers. Paint and caulk was used to complete the rooms!

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