We decided to take out the tub and surround in the bathroom rather than refinishing the tub with an epoxy kit. The kit and time needed to redo the tub wouldn’t be worth it to us to handle it that way, but we had considered doing so in the beginning.

After Danny got the tub in, he moved onto the surround. It was TOO DEEP and was covering up part of the window! Without removing the window, replacing with a shorter one, adding additional exterior siding, etc, it would have taken way too much time and money to go that route! Danny had to think outside of the box on how to make both items work…

In order to make the surround work in the space, Danny decided that framing in about 6 inches of the window to allow the surround to be installed properly and would keep us on the same time schedule. He cut two 2×4’s and notched them out so they would fit inside the window frame. He then put drywall over the 2×4’s and finished out the side facing the window as well.

Once we had the wall built in, it was important that the joints look like part of the original wall. After they were finished, we capped the visible part of the new wall section with white vinyl molding, caulked and painted everything to match.

When the bath tub surround was in and the window frame filled out, we had another major problem!

When Danny got the new tub faucet installed, he went to test it out and it wasn’t draining properly. It was extremely SLOW…it was something that he couldn’t figure out or fix and we were put against TIME that we didn’t have!

On Wednesday, I contacted a plumbing service and they were able to go out right away. They advised that the drum trap was outdated and needed to be replaced. In doing this, they had to hand dig under the tub to replace part of the galvanized pipe and the drum trap. Luckily for us, they were able to do so after two days so we could still move forward with getting our new tenant in by Friday!

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  1. You both a amazing. When I see those pictures, I would run.
    Have a nice day
    Frank and Elke

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