Apologies for the delay in posting! We want to be transparent through the process of renovating this rental property. We’ve had a lot of delays and hiccups along the way, especially when working in the bathroom! We hit the ground running in August, but we’re beginning to get tired and ready to be done with this one so we can take a BREAK!! These last few weeks have been some of the hardest when trying to get finished up with a rental! Tempers flair, frustrations rise, patience wanes, and exhaustion comes flooding in. The major slowdowns have been with the bathroom remodel (stay tuned for details on those stories and how we handled them in our future posts).

Onto kitchen backsplash! We used 8X8 Mohawk “Montrose” tiles from Menards. We love putting REAL backsplash up in the kitchen to bring the “quality” of the home to a higher standard. No peel and stick or cheap stuff here!

When tiling, planning is key. Take the time to lay the tiles out to see how they will fit. Notice that the tile on the left end matches the tile on the right end.

Definitely invest in the spacers. Spacers help keep everything in line and spaced uniformly. You will want those grout lines to be clean and straight.

Use a finished edge to give your tile a clean and professional look. It’s hard to see in the picture but there is an edge that surrounds the tile that gives it a nice clean edge.

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We made sure that with the holiday, we would carve out time with our family. I made dinner for everyone and we played a fun game of Monopoly. Although Danny and I hit it hard and grind it out, balance is important. We took the day off from working on the house, but we went back out the next morning and got going again! The balance in it all has been exceptionally challenging this time around.

With Christmas approaching, we haven’t been able to put our energy on the things we value the most. We hope to pause for a bit after finishing this rental and enjoy more family time. After all, that’s why we do what we do in real estate!

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