I wanted to share some insight and perspective on “how we do it?” We both work full time, pretty demanding jobs and have a home and pets to care for. This effort of working, renovating homes, and taking care of animals and our home takes a lot of TEAMWORK! It takes BOTH of us to make this work.

When I get home from work I:

1. Let the dogs out. Feed & water everyone. Take care of the litter-boxes.

2. I cook a quick meal such as stir fry, spaghetti, Mexican food, etc. & pack it to go.

3. Do some light household chores, including dishes and taking out the trash.

I spend about an hour taking care of the items listed above. I pack up our meal and head over to the house to get started with working. My goal is to get over to the rental house by 5:30-6pm.

Danny goes straight to the property after work, changes out of his work clothes, and gets started on the rental renovation. Once I meet him at the house, we eat dinner together, I change and also get to work .

On the weekends, Danny usually has breakfast, coffee, and heads over to the property to get started. I stay behind until about lunch time, cleaning, doing laundry, making our meals, then I head over to the property. Most weekends, I run solo. I get our errands and grocery shopping out of the way it free up time for Danny to continue working on the house.

Once I finally, make my way over to the property, I work on things to help get Danny ready to do the major projects. Some items I handle include demoing, cleaning work spaces, hauling items out, painting, caulking, and more!

This is just a glimpse of “how we do it” when working full time and managing our own home with pets…we hope this helps let you know, it is possible!!

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