As Danny is our main builder, kitchen and bathroom installer, and our main contractor, ALL of the painting and caulking comes to me. Painting in general, can be a daunting task. Even if you are just painting a bathroom or bedroom it can feel overwhelming to some, but my job is to paint and caulk the house in its entirety.

In beginning the painting, I started on the ceilings, moved to the walls and closets, to finishing with the window frames, baseboards, and doors. Painting is never really finished. There is always touch ups and something else to paint or caulk. One of our previous posts, mentioned painting baseboards, in this picture, it looks similar to the one below, but they are frames for windows.

Danny always picks one corner in the house and installs the first baseboard. Once that first baseboard is laid in, he just follows the walls through the rest of the room and continues on to the next room and so on. Once he’s finished with the baseboards, he moves on to the window frames. This is one of the projects where steady plodding brings prosperity (which is also our motto in life!). It’s also one of those projects that really makes the house feel like it’s coming together when completed!

Teamwork makes the dream work. Zella always comes in behind me after I have the baseboards or window frames installed and caulks over the seams and fills in the nail holes. Once the seams and holes are caulked, the flooring and walls really look complete!

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