There were two large, overgrown shrubs blocking the front of the house that needed to go. Danny decided to hook straps to each of them and pull them out with his truck. This process took less than 10 minutes to remove. The ground was quite dry, so they actually came out without any problems!

I just wanted a few shrubs by the sidewalk and up against the house that wouldn’t get too large or overgrown. Boxwoods are always a go to! They are low maintenance, stay green year round, and are perennial, so they won’t die off with colder weather. We’re limited on what to put in since it’s so close to winter and most plants won’t survive the dropping temperatures. Besides Boxwoods, we added some hearty, decorative grass that gets blooming lavender flowers in the Spring. Lastly, I added a few, small juniper shrubs for additional color during winter. All of the plants and shrubs will stay, approximately, 2X3ft in size, which won’t obstruct the front door or window views.

After getting the new plants in the ground, I powerwashed all sides of the house, front and back of the porch, and the walk-way. There was so much dirt and grime that came off, it made the white of the house look like a different shade than it was when we bought it! This took about 4-6 hours of just taking my time and being patient with the process of the sprayer.

Curb appeal is SO important when flipping properties! Never underestimate a good cleaning and a few plants!

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