Early on, first steps of renovations are gutting everything, fixing electrical issues, and DRYWALL.

There was some softening I had noticed in one of the bedrooms, underneath the windows. I called for Danny to come see “why” the walls felt soft. My first thought was “water damage due to the roof being old”. This made the most sense, as the roof was on our list to have replaced. As soon as he pushed in, his whole hand went through the drywall.

Later in the week, he was over at the house and pulled back the drywall and noticed white bugs crawling around. He called to tell me what was found…TERMITES. Very shortly after our conversation, I made a call to Pest Control to come treat the property.

Danny had replaced the 2×4’s, insulation and drywall that were under the windows in one of the bedrooms.

Another larger, unexpected project was the back hallway. The back entrance was covered in old paneling that obviously come down. There was also an odd, wasted space that I thought it would be helpful if we added a closet pantry there since the kitchen was so small. Because of the length, it allowed for a closet to potentially go in, but in addition, a 12 or so inch space for additional shelving. We wanted to try to maximize space in such a small area.

Another little project was correcting the space above the closets in both bedrooms. The paneling obviously needed to be replaced with drywall and to Danny’s surprise when doing so…the top of the closet was not framed correctly. Someone had framed it using 1×4’s that had just been nailed to the drywall! Danny pulled the 1×4’s out and re-framed with 2×4’s. Next he installed the drywall then taped and mudded the tape lines.

Apologies for the blurry images. The up close and lighting made it tough for good closet & hallway photos!

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