We continue to slowly work on another property also located in Bloomington, but we are absolutely running out of steam. With having demanding, day-time jobs during the mist of an ongoing pandemic, we are BURNED OUT. Our drive is dying down and momentum is coming to a grinding halt. Honestly, it’s taking everything we have just to write up a short post with an update of our properties and what we’re up to. Bear with us as we get through this stall out and we appreciate your support.

So our next renovation is another duplex that will need a new kitchen, new bathrooms, paint, new outlets and switches and a new banister. When we first got in, we pulled the old cabinets out of the kitchen in order to prep for new ones. We painted the walls in the kitchen and got everything ready to put the new cabinets up.

We spent the first couple weeks pulling out cabinets, a countertop bar, an old banister, and fixing or patching holes in the walls to prep for the painter. Luckily we found someone to paint the unit for us (for a small fee)! Once paint was done we started switching out all of the “ivory” outlets and switches with new white ones. We did TRY to hire a handy man to help with this task, but as it goes, it never works out well. He was there 45 minutes, installed 1 out of 3 outlets wrong, and never came back…

After the walls were taken care of, Danny installed the new cabinets in the kitchen along with new countertop. We have appliances on order that we will install once they arrive. Boy, have prices gone up while availability has gone down! We’ve put in tile backsplash, installed the sink, and faucet too! It is REALLY looking good and we are excited to show you the results once we get things completed!

We are still pushing and working whenever we have the energy but our reserves are about tapped out and our motivation is waning. We’ll get this one done too, but it may take us a little longer! Thanks for being patient with us and again, for supporting us along our journey.

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  1. Hang in there- you guys always do such an amazing job! You inspire me to keep pushing through in our current home renovation- I’m in awe of your stamina!!


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