Apologies for being so behind on providing any updates! We really have been in a daily grind to finish these units, as well as, beginning a new unit that recently became vacant. We are beyond exhausted, but have no choice but to keep going! As a quick update, you can see the units are completed the 2nd time! We’ve put things back into the position they were in prior to the flooding.

The mud and silt has been cleaned up. The unit has been completely dried out. Damaged material has been cut out and replaced. Everything has been put back together and it looks like a home again! It was a huge push and a lot of work, but we have recovered and restored these flooded units. Lots of late nights and long weekends but seeing the smile on our new tenants face when we handed her the keys to her new home makes it all worth while!

We really moved as fast as we could the last two weekends. Danny even spent the night and slept on an air mattress so he could work late and get an early start to get all of the flooring installed. The last big push was to get the flooring in and the baseboards replaced. For the two bedrooms, we had to purchase new vinyl plank flooring, as the original vinyl flooring wasn’t completely salvageable after the flooding. Once that project was complete we had to do a thorough clean to get the unit in order to get it move in ready!

We finished cleaning the unit at 5:00 Sunday and the tenant signed her lease at 6:00! With this unit we can breathe a little better, but we are on to our next unit with NO BREAK! We have one more unit to turn in Bloomington before we are done. This one will need a new kitchen, a new half bath, and a new full bath. We will also have to fix all of the normal wear and tear and upgrade a banister at the top of the stairs, paint, change out all outlets, and old lighting! We’ll update you all as we continue working!

Be sure to subscribe to our blog to get the latest updates! As always thank you to all who are following along and supporting us along the way! We appreciate you all!


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