This week’s post will be a short update on how our renovation is going to repair the flood damage that took place 2 weeks ago.

We were lucky enough to be able to schedule for drywall install while we were gone on vacation. They moved fast and were finished by Tuesday!! That makes the place feel like we have made a lot of progress and gives us a huge motivational boost!

With the drywall being in, we were able to start painting. At this point, we only have to cut in, touch up, and paint the trim!

After we returned from vacation, Danny found out the condensate lines for the air conditioning coming from the furnace were not draining outside, but instead they have been draining straight under the house into the crawl space!! We had a HVAC company come out to give us a quote of what it would cost to run the line as it should have been. It was going to cost $200! Instead, Danny worked a few hours on it, spent a few dollars worth of PVC pipe and everything is now draining out of the crawl space like it should.

When the HVAC Company was called out to look at the condensate line running under one unit, we also had to have them look at the other unit as the air conditioner wasn’t running. After the flood, the unit was almost unbearably hot to work in with temps as high as 99 degrees! The technician found it to be caused by a bent fan blade. It was keeping the unit from functioning properly and replacing that was going to run $350! When I told Danny what the cost would be, he just went out to the AC unit, opened it up, and bent the fan blade back up! Wah-lah! Now we have working air in that unit. We’ll order a new fan blade and change that out once it comes in! Anywhere we are able to save money, especially in circumstances like this, we WILL!!

If you remember a couple weeks ago when we mentioned having 4-yards of gravel being delivered, we were able to have our landscaper help us out by renting equipment and spreading the new gravel out for us! He’s been a huge help to us through this time and we’ve really appreciated the extra support from a couple friends and our family! If you missed our original post talking about the flood, you can visit that post here: https://ourunbelievablejourney.org/2021/06/27/facing-an-unexpected-natural-disaster/

At the rate we are moving on repairing the units, we hope to have our tenants moved back in by August!

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  1. Good work and great progress! Keep positive thoughts and you will make it through this trying time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! It did. Wish we had the time and effort to post the after LOL That last post of being exhausted was so accurate, it still rings true today…we do plan to eventually get back on here and share updates of our journey! Follow and stay tuned.


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