We had planned a Summer trip months in advance and were really excited about going…and then the flood happened at one of our properties two weeks ago! Here’s our post on it here: We wondered and thought, “should we cancel?” Eventually, coming to the conclusion that, “we’ve already planned our trip and paid for it.” So we decided to go. Our trips typically consist of going to stay in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, hiking, and decompressing. This was going to be a longer trip of 8 days and we were EXCITED for it!!

We decided to see if the Airbnb would let us shorten our stay from 8 days to 5, eliminating the weekends. Part of our compromise to keep the vacation plans was that we would do as much as we could before leaving. When requesting a change in itinerary with our host, I sent photos of our flood damage and explained that we needed the extra days to handle a recent natural disaster. We were lucky that our request was granted and they refunded the 3 nights at 100%!

The goal was to get all of the drywall cut out in both units, 24 inches above the floor, remove all of the necessary corner bead, and put in 2X4’s so the drywaller could mount the drywall easily. As Danny was finishing up on Sunday afternoon and packing up his tools, he remembered the insulation had to be replaced before drywall could be installed! Thank God he remembered that one!

As we were leaving for vacation, we felt better about the trip, knowing our drywall was being installed while we were gone! We were able to fully enjoy our trip away!

We talk in a previous post about the typical, types of trips we take and how we save money. You can see that post here if you missed it:

Much of the same items shared in the post above, we implemented again. We bring all of our own food and cook almost every meal at the Airbnb. We hike at the state and national parks, which are typically free. We hang out at the cabin, enjoying camp fires, the hot tub, watching movies, and sitting out on the porch. In these small towns there isn’t much for shopping, so you’re not spending a lot of money or time doing that. We do like going into the towns and looking around. We found a cute, little candy shop with delicious, homemade candy! Their white chocolate coconut balls are amazing!

Our highlight from the trip was going to see wild-horses in the Appalachian Mountains!

This trip allowed us to get away and enjoy spending quality time together. We were able to rest, relax and recharge. We know we have a big project to tackle this month, but we are ready to handle it and get things back to normal. There is a lot of work to be done, but we make a great team and we know we can tackle this little hump in the road!!

Be sure to subscribe and follow along on our blog! We appreciate your support!! Stay tuned for an update on how our Bloomington property is coming along and for the completion of our bathroom in our home!!


  1. I am so glad you decided to take your vacation time. It was a much needed rest and relaxing time, so you can face the work needed to get your rental property back in order and ready for occupancy. The photos are awesome!


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