We’re currently living in deja vu. We’ve been here before just a few years ago during our last live in flip. See that post here:

We knew this bathroom renovation wouldn’t be “as bad” as the last time, but we still have a 1 bathroom home so it’s quite an inconvenience to live in a construction zone when our only option is sink baths and no door for privacy! With our house on Sunset, we went months with no shower (or bath) and would go to our neighbor’s home or out to my grandpa’s pole barn. We did a lot of tile work at our last home, complete shower surround and entire bathroom floor. This was a BIG job! In this case, we are going simple with a replaced tub and tile surround, vinyl plank flooring, new vanity, wainscotting, chair railing, new lighting, baseboards, window frames, caulk and paint!

Danny started by taking the tub surround and tub out. The tub really fought him and was a struggle! We are trying to maintain a “working” and “functioning” bathroom; therefore, we’ve decided we are not pulling the vanity and the toilet out of the bathroom which would allow more space for demolition. That meant we had to finagle the bathtub out of the alcove and get it to a point where we could tip it up and slide a dolly under it. After an hour and a half of wrestling this thing out of place we were able to remove it.

I helped him to get this 300lb cast iron tub on a dolly and take it down our carpeted stairs and out the front door! Talk about nerve-wracking when the tub is coming at you while “you guide it” down a flight of stairs. Danny then loaded it up into our truck alone! Talk about stress on my side!

Once the tub was removed we focused on one thing and one thing alone. Installing the new tub and re-plumbing the shower diverter so we would be able to take a bath! We were able to get the tub installed after making some adjustments to the floor (in order to make it level). Danny sprayed some insulating foam to give the tub a little more support and to quiet any unnecessary noise.

After he had the tub in, it was time to tackle the plumbing. We were lucky enough to have most of what we needed on hand to convert everything over to PEX. After Danny cut the lines to length and attached the fittings were were set and ready to rough in the shower diverter. Thankfully, by day 3 we were able to take an actual bath! What a blessing!

Next on the list is tile. Danny lays as many tiles as he can after work and we just keep plugging away! We always refer to the saying, “steady plodding brings prosperity!” Everyday we strive to achieve more than what we did the day before.

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