If we’re able to save the tub and surround, we try to always replace the faucets and fixtures. This can be seen as a precautionary measure and also an aesthetic choice to make things look more appealing. The vanity and toilet were in good enough shape to leave in place. There was a nice, solid oak medicine cabinet that had come out of another property that we salvaged and were able to use at Emison. With a fresh coat of paint on the walls, ceiling, and trim, the bathroom was good as new!

We rented a carpet cleaner from Lowes and cleaned the carpet in the living room and two bedrooms. It was a slow process, but it made a world of difference when it was finished! We also bought new fan blades for the three ceiling fans. With 11 and 12 ft ceilings, ceiling fans make perfect sense to keep. Fans can help with utility costs by pushing cool air up when on in the Summer or in the Winter you can do so to keep the heat down. We also installed new, faux wood blinds from Lowes throughout the house. Faux wood blinds look very nice, are more durable, and last longer than the cheap $5 plastic ones.

There were no gutters when we bought the house, so that was a must when we purchased so there was proper drainage flowing away from the house.

We wanted to spruce up the landscaping to make it look a little nicer, but we also wanted to make sure that the plants were low maintenance and easy to care for. We decided that a few boxwood’s, some new mulch and a few new landscaping timbers would refresh the front porch. To clean up the outside, we also power washed the vinyl siding and porch, replaced the front door, and added a nice storm door.

More recently, we gave the gravel drive a refresh as well. The old drive was overrun with grass and weeds so we sprayed to kill off anything growing. Danny installed landscaping timbers around the edges to keep the gravel contained and to make it look finished. We then had two yards of gravel delivered and he stopped by after work and smoothed it all out. We think it really helped clean up the curb appeal!

We are going to be pivoting a bit to cover a newly acquired property that we just closed on. We thought it would be best if we share the most recent stories, as they are happening! More to come on those so make sure to follow our blog for the latest posts!

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