We are picking up from where we left off last week with the property at Emison. As far as investment properties go, this was a relatively easy one to start with, so it was a perfect house for us to get our feet wet on. Keep in mind that this is the first time we had worked on a house in this capacity besides Sunset (see past posts for more on Sunset).

Every project had a ton of roadblocks. Nothing went smoothly! We were constantly running back and forth from the house to Lowes and from Lowes back to the houseā€¦and then back Lowes!! So what would now take us a week or two to turn took us three months!!! That’s the beauty of doing this on your own. You learn as you go. Each house brings it’s own issues and problems and you learn what needs to be done and what you need to do to get there.

The second bedroom had a thin 12″ closet that did not function well, even hangers didn’t fit, so it was very unpractical for usage. We hired a contractor to install a new 24″ closet. We used the bi-fold and sliding closet doors from Lowes.

Another big issue was in the kitchen and the bathroom. For some reason when we bought the house there was an orange stain on the ceiling. Mind you these are 10 foot ceilings! We tried to figure out what caused the stain but we were at a loss. Once the water was turned on we quickly figured it out. There was rust in the water lines that continually clogged the sinks up, which at one point caused rusty water to come shooting out of the top of the kitchen faucet and wa-la rusty colored stain on the ceiling! After working with the water lines for a week Danny finally had the water lines cleared out and the water was flowing nicely.

We were lucky enough that the kitchen needed very little “major” repairs done. Danny simply applied a fresh coat of Minwax polyurethane on the cabinets. We also needed to repair a bad drywall, tape job in the kitchen. Drywall repair was not one of Danny’s strong points but you won’t learn unless you try.

With all of the rust issues we experienced, it was also necessary to replace the kitchen faucets. Once we finished this part we had new appliances delivered to complete this stage and of course fresh paint and trim throughout!

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