filling in the blanks (and Editing along the way)….

We want to back up for a moment and catch you up to speed on things thus far…at the time we began this real estate journey we hadn’t thought “I think 4 years from now we should start a blog.”

With that being said, the photo images are nearly an afterthought at this point of the journey. Some even are coming straight off to be honest. We’re just trying to offer some insight and perspective of what we picked up along the way so you can see some before and afters. Most of the photos are missing the during stages of the projects and renovations. No professional grade cameras used or expensive video equipment to film…BUT we believe our story in the very beginning of when we first started out in real estate is worthy of sharing! We WILL get there. We plan to grow and get better along the way in capturing those moments and actions from here on out. Stick with us on this and we PROMISE to make it worthwhile!! BUT, keep in mind, all that’s already completed within the last 4 years, will only have “gritty” coverage available…

The first home on Sunset Ave. was a live in flip. We didn’t realize that’s what we were doing or that there was a name for it until we started listening to Biggerpockets (BP) and read books like Set for Life by Scott Trench. You can find BP on Apple iTunes, or on Stitcher or Spotify in the Google Play Store. I’m not a huge, sit down and read kind of person, so I listened to Scott’s book on

That’s where the thought came of, “you can fix it up, while living in it, and either rent it out or sell it“, AND if you choose to sell, you don’t pay any capital gain’s tax if you live in the home as a primary residence for two years or more!! We made 100% return from the sale, as most of our repairs were paid along the way, we walked out of closing with over $40,000!


We are going to give “random” content to break up the monotony of our housing flips with Danny’s side projects! We’re going to call it Intermission- Projects Provided by Danny…Right now, he’s working on sanding and applying Minwax Polyurethane Pure Gloss to small pieces of tree burl. This started off as a gift for his friend where he bought a cheap bottle cap opener from Tractor Supply on clearance (we love finding deals and giving them out as gifts later!). Stay tuned for more content on this and let us know what YOU think!!

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