Not every married couple that has been together nearly 20 years is able to live and work together in harmony. If some couples did this, they would probably want to pull their hair out or head for the hills solo! We’re lucky in the fact, that we met while we were both working at a John Deere warehouse and have been together ever since. We’re also fortunate that we make an excellent team and allow each other to work independently. We want to share some tips on how we make things work for us, our properties, tenants, and provide insight to see if this is something you could do with your partner as well!

  1. Communication is key!

Know what needs to be done and who will tackle which projects. Having a vision to the end goal is a very important step in the process! You need to make sure that the day to day activities are planned out and executed within the process. You have to be on the same page and working in sync to make this happen! Danny always tries to communicate what project he is working on and and where we are in the process. His hearing isn’t great, but he still knows exactly where these projects are headed and how we plan to get there so we can complete them!

2. Plan in out.

We plan out what needs to be done and provide a timeline on when it needs to happen. We have a running list of both big and small, that we tend to do over and over. By doing these projects multiple times we have a good understanding of what needs to happen before the next. This is another example of working in sync! When we first get into a property, we assess what needs done, make a list, and start tearing out everything.

3. Stay in your lane! (Pick what your skill is and stick to it)

Danny is talented at rebuilding things and putting things back together. For example, he installs baseboards, quarter round, lays new flooring, and installs new kitchens and bathrooms.

Whereas, I’m detailed oriented naturally, so painting, caulking, landscape, power washing, and cleaning are my focal points (and bringing hot food to a hungry husband!). Not to mention managing all of the tenant screenings, rental agreements, PLUS, hiring contractors and following up with them! I also list and sell ANYTHING within the house that is salvageable! Danny tears it out and I post to make some extra funds!

4. Come together when you need to.

If there is something I need Danny to help me with, he’ll stop working on his project and help me; and vice versa if he needs my help. I go and help him and then get back to my previous job. Being flexible with your time is essential to making this work and in moving forward!

5. Know your limits.

There are certain projects that we tend to hire a contractor for, e.g. roofing, plumbing, window installers, electricians, or just some extra hands to help us finish a project quickly!

We used to try to do EVERYTHING ourselves, but some projects take way too long when that’s not your skill set. It could take the professional a day or two (or even a couple hours), but for us to try to tackle the same project it would take a week or two. This HAS happened!

6. Do what works.

Once you get a good routine down, do it every-time. When we’re finishing up a home, Danny will start taking everything out of the house as I clean one room at a time. I touch up paint, sweep and mop the floors, and lastly, take photos!

We back ourselves out of the house and finish with the living room, then exit the house!

If you’ve found some of these tips helpful, then maybe you could work together with your partner to do the same! Just stay in your own lane and everything will be just fine!

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  1. As a couple that works together all the time, I agree with all of your points. Communication is the most important and that also means listening.


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