When we bought this house we had a list of issues that needed fixed in order to make this place a “quality property“. There was wallpaper hanging from the walls that needed to be removed. One bedroom had a wall with paneling hiding bad drywall. An old kitchen screaming for renovation. A bathroom begging for new life. Tired and worn carpet that needed replaced along with many other issues that needed correction!

We will run down an overview of how we went from a tired, old, neglected property; to a renewed, vibrant, clean and refreshed home!

The first thing we tackled was the walls. The wallpaper came down pretty easily by using water and fabric softener mixed in a pump sprayer. We soaked the walls and scraped the wall paper off. There was a wood panel in a bedroom hiding cracked and disintegrating drywall. Once the paneling came down, we skim coated over the existing drywall to bring this wall back to its former glory.

We removed a shelf on the living room wall that was attached to the studs using half inch metal rebar. Once the shelf was removed and the holes were patched, we moved on to paint. All of the walls in the house needed to be freshly painted. The cream walls in the living room, the tan walls in the kitchen, the “Pepto Bismal” pink walls in the master bedroom and the bright blue walls in the second bedroom all had to go!

During this process we decided to paint all of the trim work as well. We changed from stained and finished wood to bright white trim which included all of the window frames. This was quite timely and labor intensive, but if something saves you money, you do it!

Next on the list was the floors. We had to pull all of the carpet up and remove the tile underneath. Once we were able to get the floors back to the concrete we moved on to other projects.

The kitchen was completely gutted and replaced. See our blog post “5 Things We Do When Renovating Then Kitchen For Under $5000” from April 12th 2021.

The bathroom was completely renovated. See our blog post “Remodeling a Bathroom For Under $2500” from April 4th 2021.

We installed new interior doors to replace all of the old beat up doors in the house and finished them all out with stainless steel hardware and door stops. We also installed all new lighting throughout the inside and outside of the house, including a nice ceiling fan in the living room.

Once the bulk of the projects were completed, we had one of our contractors install a new pad and carpet. The only thing left was to clean the interior up and paint the ceiling boards in the car port and the front and side entry doors.

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