HOW WE MADE $4,000 IN 1 DAY!

We’ve listened to a lot of podcasts and books over the years such as Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek and BiggerPockets podcasts. So many investors will say, “spend your time on what makes you the most return.” There are several ways we bring in revenue and save THOUSANDS, outside of our regular 9-5 workdays.

1. We own rental properties. 2. Danny is a licensed realtor through F.C. Tucker. 3. We do 95% of the renovations and repairs ourselves!

To find the perfect tenant for us, we screen thoroughly!! We have them complete an application, run background and credit checks, look at employment history, rental history, and look to see if there have been any evictions or convictions. If they have pets, they also complete an application for that. They also pay extra fees and deposits for having pets. Tenants really appreciate the fact that we allow pets, regardless of the hoops they need to jump through to make it happen. As an animal lover, I want to be considerate of others wanting to be able to bring their pets with them when they move!

Another “hack” we do is allow our tenants to break their lease if they purchase a home using Danny as their agent!

Selling a house isn’t a one day process. There are showings to do, offers to write, communications to send, paperwork to complete, and forms to submit. It’s a long and detailed process, but he finds it fun to walk through this process with clients. In this case this was a first time home buyer looking for a house in a very hot market!

This particular house listed at 4 in the afternoon and he was able to schedule a showing for 8 in the evening. Danny had to drop everything he was doing to make this happen. It was well worth the effort! Our tenants found their first home and he made the sale happen for them.

On this particular day, after we had tenants in line to move into their new unit and Danny had all of his closing papers in order with our other tenants, we were able to divide and conquer! I was in one town going over leasing documents while Danny was in another closing a sale! We make a great team!

We always try to stay busy and work on things that will either save us a good deal of money or work on something that will make us money. We try not to spend too much idle time, but try to use our time as wisely as we can. Life is short.

I once had a teacher say to use your mind and not your body, but we do both! In this case, I left with rent and deposit and he left with a check for commission. It was a good day!

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