Wrapping up this rental “series” by ending with the outside of the property! One of the first things we realized had to go was the old shrubs in the front. Removal was a simple as hooking up the truck with a tow strap and giving them a tug. They pulled right out!

With the shrubs out, we decided on planting some simple, low maintenance, hearty perennials like boxwoods, liriope (ornamental grass), and small juniper berry shrubs along the front walk to welcome you home each day. These choices are pretty low maintenance and are green year round, giving the front of the house a little bit of color.

We are also investigating the cost of removing the walnut tree in the front as well. It’s a nice tree, but not a tree you want hanging over your driveway with tenants!! When walnuts fall from 30 feet in the air they can really play havoc on a car’s windshield!! (Danny would like to get a couple of 13 foot slabs cut from the trunk for a project too!)

I spent a half day power washing the vinyl siding, which really helped clean it up and freshen the exterior! It went from an off white to a bright white!

The roof had to have been over 30 years old, so a new roof and soffit was a necessary expense and we had to paint the soffit white to match the house! We cleaned all of the walnut debris off of the sidewalk. It looked like the sidewalk stopped in the middle of the yard! The trees growing in the fence line had to be cut back and hauled off to clean up that side of the house. (The neighbors noticed an immediate difference!!) We’d like to take the 4000 foot antenna down but that will have to come later!

We replaced the living and kitchen windows, giving the outside of the house a nice, fresh look to go along with the clean vinyl siding and new roof! New windows help to make the front of the house look nice and more updated.

We also changed the color of the shutters from burgundy to slate gray. We picked these shutters up at Lowes, but they were special order and took about two weeks to come in. We installed a new door and added a screen door as well. Finally we added some small details like a new mail box, a new porch light and a new address numbers to finish everything out.

You won’t want to miss the next post! Danny will be sharing 5 pros of being his own realtor!

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  1. Great job!
    I love it all. You both have such great idea’s and they all come together to become these beautiful homes. Bravo!


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