In trying to keep things honest and transparent, we’d like to share some of the issues we’ve come into. It’s slowed down our process of flipping down by at least 3 weeks. First, we ordered laminate countertops from Lowes weeks ago and they FINALLY came in (Yay, right?)…No!

Come to find out, they only ordered laminate tops not the actual COUNTER?! On top of the counters being put off another 3 weeks out, we’re a few inches shorter than we’d like them to be. We could have went with 24in cabinets, but instead we ordered the same size cabinets that were used in to original kitchen, which were 18in.

We didn’t pay attention to the fact that the cabinets and counter tops before did not extend to the wall, but stopped about 6in short. In only measuring previous cabinets at 18in we failed to consider they wouldn’t be up against the wall. Thus, Danny had to add a skim-coat on the wall because it is exposed and needed a lot of work to smooth it out. With a wall that was full of divots, scrapes, nail holes, and marks it just made sense to give the wall a new top coat. A few of coats of drywall mud and the wall looks 100% better!

In addition to the countertop issues and delays, appliances right now are hard to come by due to Covid. Plants from the manufacturers outside the US, have been closed due to the virus, delaying parts and orders from coming in. We’re supposed to have our order this week, but was told last week, the refrigerator was on back order until February. Of course, with preparing to complete the rental in November, we cannot wait until mid-next year for a refrigerator.

Luckily, we were able to find something through the clearance section and get it on time! We did have to compromise on what we had initially had in mind, but in order to get it in time, we made this one work. You have to be willing to be flexible in this business!

We had picked up our baseboards from Lowes and began setting up for me to use the paint sprayer outside. Danny unloaded the truck and brought the baseboards around back. I laid plastic out and placed the saw horses on top. I set the base boards out and we were getting ready to spray, when…you guessed it, it began to rain. So, we packed it all up and brought it all inside. As we scratched those plans, I pivoted and finished painting inside. When the stalls come, you find other things needing done and keep moving!

Moving towards positivity…we got our appliances in!! Super-exciting news, HOWEVER; the handles were put on the wrong side of the refrigerator and unfortunately, when you open the door, it would hit the window if kept that way. Danny flipped the handles and hardware to make the doors open the opposite way.

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  1. Remember Shane Diamond has appliances and all kinds of things at discounted prices. The challenges keep it interesting!


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